Uprising Theatre asks ‘Who Has Eyes to See’

Shannon Kearns wanted to see social issues explored on stage, so he started Uprising Theatre. It was only a matter of time—two plays into the company’s existence—before Kearns tackled his own story, that of a transgender man at odds with his conservative Christian family. In this Egg, we drop into a rehearsal of Kearns’ semi-autobiographical play, “Who Has Eyes to See,” with performances set for the next two weekends at Andrews Riverside Presbyterian Church in Dinkytown: 7:30 pm April 29, 1:30 pm April 30, 7:30 pm May 6-7 and 1:30 pm May 7

James Sewell Ballet goes back to high school

James Sewell has always experimented and taken risks with his ballet company, so collaborating with a high school orchestra? All in a season’s work for James Sewell Ballet. This 3-Minute Egg comes from rehearsal at Edina High School of new work set to marching band music and other orchestral pieces. Performances are April 22 to May 1 at the Cowles Center for Dance.

Oratorio Society lends voices of light to silent film

“The Passion of Joan of Arc” is a 1926 silent film that was long thought lost. Now, thanks for a 1994 score by composer Richard Einhorn, the film has seen live choral accompaniment all over the world. The Oratorio Society of Minnesota is the latest to perform “Voices of Light”—it’s premiering alongside the film through the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival. This 3-Minute Egg comes from the choir’s rehearsal. Performances are 8 pm April 15 (Cathedral of St. Paul) and April 22 (Basilica of St. Mary).

One Voice Mixed Chorus + Mu Daiko drum to the beat of a different tune

One Voice Mixed Chorus has always mixed it up with other artists—dancers, poets and Irish musicians. Now Minnesota’s largest LGBTQ chorus is collaborating with taiko drummers from Mu Daiko. The program is called “Queer Thunder” and it happens April 16-17 in the Hopkins High School auditorium. Let’s drop into rehearsal and meet both sides of the collaboration on this 3-Minute Egg.

Minnesota Dance Theatre springs into new work

Minnesota Dance Theatre was founded on a bedrock of ballet, but contemporary movement has become part of the company’s regular diet. We’re at a rehearsal for new piece set on the company by New York choreographer Adam Barruch. Performances are April 1-3 at the Cowles Center. Let’s watch some of the movement and talk to a couple of the dancers about it on this 3-Minute Egg.

Melissa Birch moves her inner child

Melissa Birch is a playwright who works in abstracted surrealism, but insists that her stories are rooted in relatable narratives. Her newest work, “Who Moved My Child,” employs movement and fragmented conversations to touch on family dynamics and what it means to be and remain a child. We drop into a rehearsal on the eve of performances April 1-3 at Illusion Theater, through the Right Here Showcase.

Mark Baden sculpts ‘Star Wars’ into a biblical setting

Mark Baden spent three decades as an art professor at the University of Northwestern, teaching ceramics and sculpture at the tiny Christian liberal arts school in the northeastern corner of St. Paul. Now Baden is back at the university’s invitation, exhibiting his raku-fired temples melded with Star Wars themes and characters. “Heroes, Myths & Shadow Figures” is on view through March 23 at Northwestern’s Denler Gallery.

Tressa Sularz weaving her way beyond breast cancer

Tressa Sularz was a traditional basket weaver until breast cancer changed her life—and also her art. She’s now using traditional weaving techniques to create contemporary art and, for the first time, finding deep personal meaning in her work. In this 3-Minute Egg, let’s drop into Tressa’s home and see her work as she’s about to publicly debut her new direction in a show at the Textile Center. The exhibiton, “Dancing My Way Home,” opens March 10 and runs through April 30.