Introducing ‘The Steering Committee’

I’m still producing occasional 3-Minute Egg videos, but focusing more of my attention on The Steering Committee, a new, hourlong arts talk show happening live entirely from my car!

Every Wednesday, from 12-1p CST, I drive where Twin Cities artists live and work and invite them into my passenger seats to talk about what they’re producing, and I broadcast our conversations as they happen over Facebook Live. Right now, The Steering Committee is the only recurring arts-focused talk show in any medium and, as best as I can tell, the only live-broadcast talk show anywhere happening from inside a car. Audiences can tune in over lunch and ask questions in the comment threads.

The Steering Committee broadcasts exclusively over Facebook, but I’ll archive the episodes on YouTube and on a new page within the 3-Minute Egg site. So follow The Steering Committee on Facebook and join the trip!

— Matt Peiken


Emerging artists bare their muses through Naked Stages

Three emerging artists—Magnolia Yang Sao Yia, Shante’ Sojourn Zenith and Nadia Honary—received eight months of mentorship and incubation through Pillsbury House and Theatre’s Naked Stages program. The fruits of their labor are on stage and in the lobby Dec. 8-17. Let’s meet the artists and get a glimpse of their work in this 3-Minute Egg.

What is Native art? Even Native people disagree

Native artists in the Twin Cities are in a long-overdue spotlight over the past week. Three visual artists are exploring and challenging notions of Native identity and Native art in Dimensions of Indigenous & Cultural Identity Politics, an exhibition on view through Feb. 4, 2017, at Intermedia Arts. Let’s step into the opening reception and meet two of the artists behind this show.

Katie Ka Vang swing for her ‘Final Round’

Katie Ka Vang is an emerging playwright and performer who has battled back from non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and lived to write about it. Her new autobiographical solo show is called “Final Round,” and it premieres Oct. 13 for an eight-performance run at Dreamland Arts in St. Paul. Let’s meet Katie, watch a little rehearsal and learn about Katie’s creative sparks in and out of cancer.

Joe Chvala convenes a Flying Foot Forum ‘Through Pig’s Eye’

For more than 20 years, Joe Chvala and his Flying Foot Forum have taken tap dance to the cutting edge of contemporary theatrical presentation. And now, thanks to the largesse of two St. Paul foundations, Chvala and his collaborators are tackling St. Paul history in a kaleidoscope of immersive, interactive dance in and around Park Square Theatre. This Egg comes from at a rehearsal for “Passing Through Pig’s Eye,” which runs through Sept. 11.

Josie Lewis: Dawn Be Dark

Josie Lewis made bright, layered collages before two miscarriages and a stillbirth turned her world and artwork to darkness. Her first personal and public expressions of those experiences have taken the form of “Dawn Be Dark,” an exhibition on view through Sept. 25 in the Gorecki Gallery at the College of St. Benedict & Saint John’s University, in St. Joseph, Minn. Let’s step into Josie’s home studio to get a glimpse in this 3-Minute Egg.

Tamara Ober speaks ‘Of Something Human’

Tamara Ober is a longtime member of Zenon Dance Company who has built a name away from Zenon as a solo artist. But after injuries in 2014 sidelined her for an entire season with Zenon, Tamara began conceiving a piece to set on other dancers. It’s called “Of Something Human”—a work inspired by world violence and the media that amplifies it—and it’ll be on stage at the Minnesota Fringe Festival. Five performances are scheduled Aug. 7-13. This Egg comes from a rehearsal recorded in June.

Mike Hazard + the ‘Seeds of Change’ of Hmong-American farmers

Mike Hazard sees his artistic life in three parts — writing, photography and documentary video — and all three merge in “Seeds of Change,” an exhibition of photography commissioned by the Hmong-American Farmers Association on view through July at the Minnesota Museum of American Art. Let’s meet Mike and learn a little through his lens about the lives and work of local Hmong-American farmers.

Laura Hallen and Amy Baur: The nurture behind their nature

Nature inspires the separate artwork of Laura Hallen and Amy Baur, but that’s just about where the similarities end. See for yourself through July 8 in “Petrichor,” a shared exhibition at the Bloomington Center for the Arts. Let’s meet Laura and Amy and learn what’s nurtured their takes on nature.

Skewed Visions and memories of deaths close to home

Charles Campbell’s mother and sister died within a short time of each other, and in 2014 Charles created a piece of intimate theater called “Ex” to explore his experiences around those losses. Two years later, through the experimental theater company Skewed Visions, he’s updating “Ex” to reflect how time has shifted and distorted his memories and emotions. Performances are June 16-18 and 23-25.